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Music Video “Anything” by Gianna Tam

Last year I was approached by singer Gianna Tam to make a music video for her new single “Anything”. Gianna Tam, Erwan van Buuren (camera man) and I came up with this concept for the clip, which is pretty different than what we’re used to seeing these days. We were […]

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Fast vs Furious

Last Tuesday I was asked to direct a branding/ corporate film for a company that sells car parts. Sounds exciting, right? Well what they wanted was a short film 4-5 minutes where we see a drag race between a motorcycle and a car… Hollywood style – fast pace – stunts […]

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MotionFame Music Videos

Finally we finished the music videos for It’s basically a website where music producers of dance music can go shop for a music video that fits their song. I directed 4 video’s that are now up for sail on the website so go check it out. It was especially […]

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Snippet from Concert at Sea

Last weekend Wiendelt, Esther, Arjen and I worked at Concert at Sea filming interviews, audience, performances and the whole vibe of the 2 day event in Zeeland. [singlepic=286,500,333,,center] Here’s a snippet from a Blof song. Pascal (lead singer) dedicated this song to his friend and drummer that past away some […]

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Get Back to Work Gabe!!

I know, I know!!! ok! I should be working but sometimes I just can’t get myself to do it!!! AAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!! Here’s a little something I recorded for ya’ll! enjoy! 😉 [flash medium=16 preview={|325|244}]

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Me Sing Billie Jean

Last Thursday I performed in the Meander (is a club in Amsterdam) and sang, once again “Billie Jean”…ok guys this will be the last time I sing this haha! …  Anyway, I practiced a different version with Geronimo …a more ballad-like version…hope you enjoy 😉 [youtube=]

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Neighbor Complains

Today I received a letter from my downstairs neighbor complaining about the screaming, thumping, door slamming, stomping, loud laughing, bass drumming racket noise Stephan and I appear to make and this pist me off!! Usually we’re really quiet, peaceful and zen! Well we’ve had many visitors come over lately and […]

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Jam Party 2009

Every year we organize a music party with all our musician friends to celebrate our love and joy for music…yep! cause we likes musics! We call it the Jam Party because we started off in the early days just jammin’ … and the name just sounds cool 🙂 This year […]

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My First Christmas Tree

Before I throw it out this weekend I thought I’d make a quick post about my first Christmas tree! I bought it around the corner on a Saturday afternoon.Bought loads of ornaments and glittery stuff at the Bijenkorf (=mall) the next day…. and voila! se Christmas Trrrreeee! [flash medium=13 preview={|325|244}]

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Short People

Just recently I found this clip on my hard disk. It’s me testing out the video recording in Quicktime and kinda getting carried away with Randy Newman’s song “short people”. [flash medium=5 w=400 h=300 preview={|300|244}]

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Working on me Showreel

So finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I’m almost finished with my showreel! muhahahaaa! As most of you peeps may know I am a freelancer now …and this means I have to start jumping out into the cold world, selling myself to production companies […]

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Rain July Rain!

Didn’t want to get out of my apartment this morning cause the weather was so bad! I thought I’d wait a bit but it just started getting worse…so at one point I said; “what the heck!”…and went. [flash medium=1 preview={|325|244}]