Rain July Rain!

Didn’t want to get out of my apartment this morning cause the weather was so bad! I thought I’d wait a bit but it just started getting worse…so at one point I said; “what the heck!”…and went.

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13 comments on “Rain July Rain!”

  1. Gabe, how about you ship some of that rain to my side of the world? We’ve been baking away steadily here for at least a week now. I’d be more than willing to exchange two days of 29 degrees for 3 days of rain…

  2. admin says:

    hm…sounds like a plan stan. 😉

  3. gabemac says:

    Dude. Weather there sucks! Nice vlog post though.

  4. Bradfields says:

    The weather in the UK has been much the same the last few days. It sucks. We always say “damn the English summer” but perhaps instead we should be saying “damn the Western European summer”

    Hope you didn’t get wet

  5. admin says:

    Hey Matt!
    It’s too bad I won’t be coming to London any time soon now that my girlfriend and I broke up ;-( Guess we’ll have to meet up in Amsterdamed sometime then ey?

  6. Erik Visser says:

    Nice to see you back on the bloghorse. Twitter is now my communication tool. I’m not a man for having long thoughts ;).

    Miss making (editing) video though. But I can’t get my life together enough to find the editing time / energy.
    That eating away at me quite heavely. So it’s very nice to see you picking it up again. Be a good example the coming months and I’ll ask you your secret.

  7. Tobey says:

    Hey, the government controls the weather, what can I say…

  8. Pleitegeiger says:

    I hope you finally made the stats work? 😉 The weather in Germany sucks big time, too! Let’s all move to, let’s say… Namibia?

  9. Steve says:

    I can recommend Sydney as a good weather destination, middle of winter today and I was out in a t-shirt on a cloudless beautiful day!

  10. admin says:

    Well Nicole, it still doesn’t work… I think it has to do with the template I have. 🙁

  11. admin says:

    @steve: Australia!?…man I’m jealous.

  12. Pleitegeiger says:

    Maybe you should try it without the plugin. Just get the code and paste it into your footer.php, for example.

  13. sauravluk9 says:

    Nice blog.I liked it.Even in India,weather in this month is out of the world..but in completely negative way..means.. it sucks like hell.

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