So I haven’t posted anything for one month and I so wanted to blog on a regular basis!
Anyway, I thought I’d post a slide show of snapshot moments of my life over this past month.

So what have I been up to?
I went to a Stevie Wonder concert, I started taking singing & performance lessons, I moved In-Ah’s stuff out of the house, I’ve been working on some cool film/ commercial projects, I’ve been drinking too much alcohol, I’ve been going out a lot meeting new interesting people and I went to Turkey to a Film Festival with Johnny Kelvin & La Ona….

… those are basically the highlights.

Hope you enjoy the slide show although the quality is poor, because taken with my mobile phone.


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  1. It is like excercise to blog everyday. I’m trying to keep 3 in the air., and It is work, rest and play. You need to setup your phone to do stuff for you, and some widgets to make it easier. We’ll work on it this weekend mate! Nice pics. Miss you!!!

  2. emm Yvette? now Im wondering how you know her.. cause I know her.

  3. Yes, I know Yvette through Camille. It’s a small world dude!

  4. I looove this one, its really nice!!