Today I received a letter from my downstairs neighbor complaining about the screaming, thumping, door slamming, stomping, loud laughing, bass drumming racket noise Stephan and I appear to make and this pist me off!! Usually we’re really quiet, peaceful and zen! Well we’ve had many visitors come over lately and maybe the sub woofer is a bit too loud, but besides that I don’t understand what the fuss is about!?
… and he was saying something about last Saturday…hm last Saturday? …what did we do last Saturday? … aha! …then I remembered and chuckled a bit. Well, it was only for 15 minutes or so, cause then we were just too tired to carry on.
check out the video.

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  1. Haha, great! Makes me wanna listen and dance to some Prodigy right now!
    BTW what I can tell from the vid, your flat looks awesome!!

  2. LOL! Never would have imagined YOU to get neighbor complaints!
    But now I fully understand of course… 😉
    Our downstairs neighbor went on like this till 5 in the morning last Saturday.
    But hey, there was a LOT of laughter, so aparently she had a good party.

    Tsss…let him move to somewhere outside the city!