Last year I was approached by singer Gianna Tam to make a music video for her new single “Anything”. Gianna Tam, Erwan van Buuren (camera man) and I came up with this concept for the clip, which is pretty different than what we’re used to seeing these days. We were really missing the old fashioned music video’s with little stories and gimmicks, so we thought we’d bring it back. We decided to not go for a flashy clip, but focus on our story telling. Filmed on the Arri Alexa camera in one day at the producers (Chiem van Houweninge) home…. and his neighbors house of course. 😉
We filmed the video in November and it was released in March, because Gianna participated in “The Voice of Holland” where she signed a contract not to release any of her own music up till 6 months after the show.
Hope you like the video 🙂

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