In June we made a promo for the CRAFT festival 2015 which is a festival for hard core music. The theme was underground Amsterdam gangster style (Penoze). We made a dramatic piece in black&white which was a great succes on Facebook reaching up to 200.000 views within a week. Everyone was very excited about the promo which was awesome! A month later they approached us to make a short film to play during a concert of one of the most popular hard core duo’s Gunz for Hire. The producers from CRAFT arrange several Dutch celebraties such as Tygo Gernandt and Hugo Metsers to star in the film which was very cool. They also got in some free fighters who did a great job creating a realistic fighting scene. I must add that they arranged all these men the day before the shoot.
Erwan (D.O.P.) created a beautiful look&feel on this film giving it a realistic dark approach. If you want to see the film you’ll have go to their concert 🙂 In the meantime check out the trailer

IMG_9820 IMG_9819


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