Gabriel sings Damien Rice

Ok… so as I said in an earlier post that I had this Damien Rice song haunting me for the last 2 months and it started to really bug me, so apparently it must have been a sign! “I must free myself from this curse for once and for all!”, I said. So then came another “TalentShow” that my singing school organizes twice a year. This talent show gives singers the chance to sing solos. I thought, “Yes! this is my chance!!!” “muuahaha!!”. I found a karaoke version online of Blower’s Daughter, which is a beautiful instrumental version I must say, and I performed it in front of an audience filled with music teachers and other fellow singing pupils. The good thing about this is that the audience is always super duper quiet. perfect for a ballad… though of course,… I was nervous…and I sang a bit off key 🙁 … but oh well, at least I did it.


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  1. I Dunno Gabe but i like the off key singing … it makes it more real and touchy. Well done… Very Sensetive.

  2. Jacquelin says:

    can you send me the karaoke instrumental version of The Blower’s daughter. I need it, please.

    Thank you

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