Last Friday I directed and produced a music video for Jennifer Cooke “Ik zou niet weten hoe”. It’s a song dedicated to the girls in India that were taken out of child prostitution and human trading and given a home and shelter by the Stichting Stop Kindermisbruik (Foundation Stop Child Abuse). Jennifer was there last month to teach the girls street dance and bonded with them immediately. Inspired by all that she was experiencing she wrote a song. Shortly after, she contacted me from India and we spoke of making a music video as soon as she got back.
I called around trying to see who would want to participate and sponsor the video and surprisingly companies were very interested and I also managed to get a crew together within a week. Cameraman Bas Andries, gaffer Bart van Tunen and their team were awesome. We shot on the Sony PMW-F3 super 35mm camera with ultra prime lenses and it looks great!

Thank you everyone for doing such a great job! …. now off to the cutting floor 😉

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