Last Tuesday I was asked to direct a branding/ corporate film for a company that sells car parts. Sounds exciting, right?
Well what they wanted was a short film 4-5 minutes where we see a drag race between a motorcycle and a car… Hollywood style – fast pace – stunts and action! 😉 … Wow! cool assignment!
We had a free style motorbike champion (you know the ones that do all the fancy stuff in the air) and one of the stuntmen from James Bond’s last film and the Bourne Ultimatum! We filmed on the RED camera and also had a canon 7D and 3 GoPro mini camera’s to mount on the car and motor bike. Besides that we had a crane mounted on a truck with a Flight Head (remote camera head) so we could swirl around the cars while driving.
The only tricky part is that we had to do it all within a week! … like … stress!
Blue Dolphin did an great job producing the film and everyone worked their butts off to get it finished in time. Good job guys! The client is happy and Sunday it will be playing at a conference in a stand that will be transformed into a mini movie theater.
Soon I’ll be able to put it online for you guys to see. 😉 Until then, here are a few stills.

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