Great news!
The Turkish Sustainable Living Festival will be screening “A Passion For Change”.

The Sustainable Living Film Festival (SYFF) will be celebrating its 11th anniversary between November 22-25 with documentaries that present creative solutions from ordinary people in the face of complex global issues. Inspiring stories from Costa Rica, Spain, Haiti, Ethiopia, USA, India, Congo, France, Germany, Mozambique, Palestine, Israel, Burkina Faso, Sri Lanka, Solomon Islands, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, South Africa and Turkey reveal the heroes we really need: Anyone and everyone who wants to create change!

The 27 short and feature length documentaries featured in the SYFF2018 official selection cover a wide variety of topics: Sustainable tourism, rural development, accessible health care, innovative approaches for education, circular economy, cooperatives, universal basic income, agriculture and animal husbandry, ocean ecosystem conservation and biodiversity, climate change adaptation, conflicts and migration, social impact-focused businesses, social entrepreneurship, collaboration, and the role of women in social conflict.

Our film will be playing on 22nd November. For more info check their site.

Ana Sayfa

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