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Am working on an edit for Balmain Hair at the moment. It’s a backstage compilation video of a photo shoot about hair extension. Anyway at one point my frame freezed to this still! Totally awesome! It looks like some modern art painting! A must also note that this still was taken from Camera B reel – Rutger gets the credit 😉

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This is a video my dad made and posted on Facebook of my new baby nephew 🙂 very small he is.


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Last weekend Wiendelt, Esther, Arjen and I worked at Concert at Sea filming interviews, audience, performances and the whole vibe of the 2 day event in Zeeland.


Here’s a snippet from a Blof song. Pascal (lead singer) dedicated this song to his friend and drummer that past away some years ago and also to Michael Jackson that unfortunately died last week… 🙁

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This is my little niece beau. Just love to make her laugh she is soooo cute! 🙂

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Had a wedding of Benjamin and Celestine last Friday. At one drunken point Gabe & I decided to sing with Wiendelt

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I know, I know!!! ok! I should be working but sometimes I just can’t get myself to do it!!! AAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!! Here’s a little something I recorded for ya’ll! enjoy! 😉

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Here’s my first batch of Spring Time Photo’s! Been taking loads of photo’s lately so still more to come!


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Spring 2009 .. aah I just love it! Saturday we grabbed some blankets, guitar and beer and went to lay in the Vondelpark. Enjoying the sun, singing some songs and having some good laughs with fine friends. 🙂


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Last Thursday I performed in the Meander (is a club in Amsterdam) and sang, once again “Billie Jean”…ok guys this will be the last time I sing this haha! …  Anyway, I practiced a different version with Geronimo …a more ballad-like version…hope you enjoy 😉


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Here’s a random selection of mobile pics from the past months 😉


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I’ve seen this performance by Lara Fabian on YouTube so many times already and each time it just gives me goose bumps! Her voice, her timing, the emotion… I have no words, it’s just brilliant. I love this woman!


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Today I received a letter from my downstairs neighbor complaining about the screaming, thumping, door slamming, stomping, loud laughing, bass drumming racket noise Stephan and I appear to make and this pist me off!! Usually we’re really quiet, peaceful and zen! Well we’ve had many visitors come over lately and maybe the sub woofer is a bit too loud, but besides that I don’t understand what the fuss is about!?
… and he was saying something about last Saturday…hm last Saturday? …what did we do last Saturday? … aha! …then I remembered and chuckled a bit. Well, it was only for 15 minutes or so, cause then we were just too tired to carry on.
check out the video.

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Every year we organize a music party with all our musician friends to celebrate our love and joy for music…yep! cause we likes musics! We call it the Jam Party because we started off in the early days just jammin’ … and the name just sounds cool 🙂 This year it was really a blast! I sang 2 songs and did some backvocals.

Check out the compilation that Wiendelt put together.


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They no like me 🙁

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Heya peepz!

Am in Munich at the moment visiting and working at the DLD conference. GabeMac and I will be making videos for the event. Some interviews, some mood stuff… gonna be cool. Loads of great people here too. This is the third year I’m year and it’s always sooo well organized… those germans doing their thang 😉


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I noticed I didn’t make that many photos this past month 🙁 I’m working like crazy on this new project called…. hm….it doesn’t really have a cool name yet, but I’ll tell you guys when it’s so far. I’m directing a pilot for a TV series! yah baby!  🙂 Gabriel = Happy. And so far so good things are going well. I’m very pleased with the cast and crew …and now just need to rehearse loads and shoot it! We have 4 days of filming for 25 pages …yikes! ! wish me good luck guys!

Here are some December pics.


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Before I throw it out this weekend I thought I’d make a quick post about my first Christmas tree! I bought it around the corner on a Saturday afternoon.Bought loads of ornaments and glittery stuff at the Bijenkorf (=mall) the next day…. and voila! se Christmas Trrrreeee!

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Last night one of my chairs died.

He lived a good life and served a lot of butts. We’ll miss you chair. 🙁



The person sitting in the chair survived miraculously without any injuries.

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Ah yes, Christmas time has arrived! It’s funny, cause I’ve been so busy lately with work work work work that I didn’t even realize it was that time of the year already until last Sunday when I went into town to do some shopping.  This is a picture I took on my way to the Bijenkorf (shopping mall) to buy some christmas decorations for my Christmas tree.[singlepic=159,320,240,,center]

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I’ve always been a big fan of the Beatles. My parents used to play their albums on cassette tape in the car when we used to make roadtrips back in the US. So their songs take me back to a good place.
Later in life I decided to collect all their songs finding out their were loads of other songs that I’d never heard before and which I liked even more! So now I have this huge collection in my iTunes that I play quite frequently. This morning I was listening to this one song. A song that never really stuck out from the rest and just kind of went unnoticed in my playlist. I listened to the lyrics for the first time and thought…hm this is one I can relate to.

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Wow, I love this song! and also a brilliant idea for a music video!
Jason Mraz in Paris…hm, I think I recognize that place 🙂

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Hey peepz!

It’s not going too well with MobuzzTV. Their funding has run out and they need to survive the next 3 months. If you can, please go to the Mobuzz website and donate 5 euros so we can keep on watching duderino GabeMac every morning during our breakfast!
Save Mobuzz from Anil de Mello on Vimeo.

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So I haven’t posted anything for one month and I so wanted to blog on a regular basis!
Anyway, I thought I’d post a slide show of snapshot moments of my life over this past month.

So what have I been up to?
I went to a Stevie Wonder concert, I started taking singing & performance lessons, I moved In-Ah’s stuff out of the house, I’ve been working on some cool film/ commercial projects, I’ve been drinking too much alcohol, I’ve been going out a lot meeting new interesting people and I went to Turkey to a Film Festival with Johnny Kelvin & La Ona….

… those are basically the highlights.

Hope you enjoy the slide show although the quality is poor, because taken with my mobile phone.


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…and now I shall sing “Sunshine on my Shoulders” by John Denver.

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Last weekend I got invited to Madrid by Anil de Mello (CEO of Mobuzztv) and Gabe to visit the MobuzzTV studios Madrid! During lunch, whilst sipping on my 2000 Rioja red wine, Anil asked me if I wanted to sing a song in the show. Now this is something he also asked me 3 years ago when I first met him in Amsterdam, so funny it took so long to really happen, though the original idea is to sing an entire episode!!…hmm I guess thats for next time 🙂

Check out the show


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Yesterday was a great day! I went to see my friend Geronimo to record a song that we intended to record 8 years ago! haha! He invited me to his birthday last Saturday and we started talking about this song. We called it the “birthday song” because I always would have to sing it at birthday parties, cause everyone liked it so much. Well anyway, it’s a pretty cheesy, soft and mellow track which we decided to give a 30’s style vocal flavor and a 60’s soulful music arrangement. So far I think it sounds awesome! and it still needs to be mixed and tweaked. I’ll definitely put it up once it’s finished…I can’t wait!

Here’s a pic of Geronimo and his mom.


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Ah yes, today is just one of those days when you keep on playing sad songs and start digging deep down inside to listen to what your heart really has to say…

Here’s a song I like

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And all good things, they say, never last
And love, it isn’t love until it’s past

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Got a bit carried away the other day buying something in the supermarket that I would usually never buy! I guess it’s all a bit feminine, but hey! I just wanted to try it out ok!! Here’s a vlog review on Dove Sunshine Self-Tanning Lotion!

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Don’t ask me why, but I just have a thing for white shoes! I think it started 4 years ago when everyone thought I was always on my way to play golf, but for the last few years it definitely became a fashion..HA!

Anyway, I recently bought new white shoes and a week later Hans gave me his white K-Swiss that he bought for his wedding but were way to small. Luckily they are my size..muaahaha! yes more white shoes!! It was funny when I was preparing for lowlands last weekend, which is a 3 day muddy festival , I only had white shoes to wear…eeeks! Well they’re not so white now anymore.


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Just recently I found this clip on my hard disk. It’s me testing out the video recording in Quicktime and kinda getting carried away with Randy Newman’s song “short people”.

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Been wanting to write this post for the last few days now, but was kinda overloaded with work and had no time.
I had Jason (my little brother) visit me last weekend and we had a really good time! Friday evening Hans invited us to go cruising on his boat through the canals of Amsterdam. There was plenty of beer and wine, good company and a soft summer breeze…what more do you want?

Saturday it was Mi-Ah’s birthday and the plan was to celebrate this with a festive barbecue in the park … well, as some of you still remember at around 4pm huge thunder clouds came rolling in…then the poring rain. 🙁 Camille called me to ask if it could be held at my place, cause I kinda have a lot of space and sometimes one must take advantage of such a luxury in Amsterdam, ey? So I agreed.
The barbecue didn’t really get going till 10 pm and I was starving yet drinking loads of alcohol… ah yes, the effect of alcohol on empty stomachs! Before I knew it there was a break-dance competition taking place in my living room! Man, I laughed so hard, though I don’t know if my downstairs neighbor was as happy as I was! At 2am I kicked everybody out for some more dancing at the Sugar Factory.
Good times. 🙂


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desertedToday I went back to the Xolo office to pack up some personal belongings and loads of administration work from Whisper Media (my other company). For those who don’t know, was a start-up that we founded 2 years ago with 11 people. We had big dreams and great ideas, but were unfortunate by circumstances and having faith in the wrong people. We struggled for at least a year trying to keep the company alive, but had to throw in the towel last month. Well you can’t say we didn’t give it our best shot.

It felt very weird walking in there as if I hadn’t been there for years! I didn’t dare open the refrigerator, cause was afraid to find the only living thing in the office for real! 😉 … you don’t wanna know what’s in there!

Anyway, I felt very sad packing my things and remembering the days I was unpacking it all with the prospect that in this office we would be celebrating our big dream…sigh.

Oh well, onto the next adventure then…

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So finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I’m almost finished with my showreel! muhahahaaa!

As most of you peeps may know I am a freelancer now …and this means I have to start jumping out into the cold world, selling myself to production companies and add agency, telling them I’m an awesome director kick butt talent bla bla blaa!

So with this bla bla, comes a showreel. Which is basically my portfolio on a DVD with my favorite productions. I decided to start the DVD with a 1 min compilation of some of my work before it goes into the DVD menu, where people can watch all the productions separately. So I’m finished with the compilation and posting it on me blog. Tell me what you think. 😉

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Ok… I’m a whiskey drinker now. The other day I had dinner with Paul and Stephan (ex colleagues/ friends) and afterwards we went to a very cool whiskey bar near the leidseplein in Amsterdam. Here we started with some mild whiskeys and gradually came the stronger ones. I never ever liked whiskey though. I always thought it tasted disgusting, but this night I learned how to drink it. I just love learning new things 😉

We ended our whiskey drinkin’ night with a whiskey from 1959! Am almost ashamed to say it was 35 euro a glass! … but it was awesome.


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Didn’t want to get out of my apartment this morning cause the weather was so bad! I thought I’d wait a bit but it just started getting worse…so at one point I said; “what the heck!”…and went.

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In-Ah and I went on a yoga cruise together a few weeks ago and it was very nice. We were on a boat with about 15 people and went to different villages and bays each day. At 7.00 am and 6.00 pm we did Yoga sessions and the rest of the day was just eating, drinking, relaxing in the sun or going on an excursion. Here are the pictures. enjoy 😉


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me on boat Hello there peepz!

Ah yes, my own blog.

I must say using the “Word Press Theme Generator” really made it easy to set this up! Thanks GabeMac for the great tip. Am planning on posting more stuff, more personal and more frequent than ever before! ta ta ta!

Which of course…. won’t be that difficult 😉 , because in the past I kinda sucked posting on a regular basis.

But times have changed as so many things in my life at the moment. Hopefully I can use this site as a good outlet for my music, videos, stories and stuff…

Hope all you guys enjoy and subscribe…. SUBSCRIBE!



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