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Music Video Jennifer Cooke in the making

Last Friday I directed and produced a music video for Jennifer Cooke “Ik zou niet weten hoe”. It’s a song dedicated to the girls in India that were taken out of child prostitution and human trading and given a home and shelter by the Stichting Stop Kindermisbruik (Foundation Stop Child […]

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Biscuits, my first short film made for exactly 109 EUR. I think this was mainly for catering and parking costs. Biscuits was excepted and played at the Dutch National Film Festival in 2011. Till this day we still get comments on youtube from people who enjoy the film. Several have […]

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Fast vs Furious

Last Tuesday I was asked to direct a branding/ corporate film for a company that sells car parts. Sounds exciting, right? Well what they wanted was a short film 4-5 minutes where we see a drag race between a motorcycle and a car… Hollywood style – fast pace – stunts […]

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Did a reshoot for biscuits yesterday. It’s funny cause we filmed Biscuits early fall where there were green trees in the background. Luckily for this shoot we only needed some close up shots and extreme close ups, cause we only had snow snow and more snow. It worked out great! […]

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At the moment I’m in post production of my short film “Biscuits”. A three minute comedy about two business men dueling over a pack of biscuits!  That’s basically it! Written by Steve Park, Director of photography Erwan van Buuren and Produced by Blue Dolphin Entertainment. It was a rather rough […]

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MotionFame Music Videos

Finally we finished the music videos for It’s basically a website where music producers of dance music can go shop for a music video that fits their song. I directed 4 video’s that are now up for sail on the website so go check it out. It was especially […]

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Making of Music Video in Barcelona

Here’s the making of a Music Video I shot in Barcelona for LaidBack Luuke. It was a very intense 2 days of hard work, but the crew was great. They worked the last day from 6am till 1am next day!! amazing! I’m not satisfied with the final version the client […]

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Song of the Day

Don’t know whether it’s my radio alarm clock or just the mood I’m am that I can subconsciously carry a tune in my head for an entire day. Several times already I find myself singing a song from the Dutch band Blof. Last week I worked for them again filming […]



Promo Film promoting a new software development tool Triggre. Client – Triggre Producer – Gabriel Bauer Director – Gabriel Bauer DOP – Erwan van Buuren Editor – Gabriel Bauer

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Bad Chewbacca!

Ah so funny! just had to put this picture on to my blog. Never seen this one before, but I guess it was taken on the set during the making of Empire Strike Back and held behind locked doors for 30 years! The expression on Chewbacca’s face is hilarious!! haha!

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“Extreem” MTV Promo

Been working on a promo film for MTV the past few weeks. MTV is trying to get more youth into the theaters so they’ve been co-producing several plays over the last couple of years. I got hired to direct a promo/trailer for their latest play and make it snapping and […]

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Balmain Hair

I love shooting little promo (backstage) films for Balmain Hair. Not only do you have the nice styling, beautiful models and the photo shoot dynamics, but there’s always a good atmosphere. nice people that is. This time around I had ages to finish this backstage edit… so I took my […]