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Working on me Showreel

So finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I’m almost finished with my showreel! muhahahaaa! As most of you peeps may know I am a freelancer now …and this means I have to start jumping out into the cold world, selling myself to production companies […]

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Whiskey Drinkin’

Ok… I’m a whiskey drinker now. The other day I had dinner with Paul and Stephan (ex colleagues/ friends) and afterwards we went to a very cool whiskey bar near the leidseplein in Amsterdam. Here we started with some mild whiskeys and gradually came the stronger ones. I never ever […]

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Rain July Rain!

Didn’t want to get out of my apartment this morning cause the weather was so bad! I thought I’d wait a bit but it just started getting worse…so at one point I said; “what the heck!”…and went. [flash medium=1 preview={|325|244}]

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Yoga Cruise 2008

In-Ah and I went on a yoga cruise together a few weeks ago and it was very nice. We were on a boat with about 15 people and went to different villages and bays each day. At 7.00 am and 6.00 pm we did Yoga sessions and the rest of […]

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My First Post

Hello there peepz! Ah yes, my own blog. I must say using the “Word Press Theme Generator” really made it easy to set this up! Thanks GabeMac for the great tip. Am planning on posting more stuff, more personal and more frequent than ever before! ta ta ta! Which of […]