A documentary that explores the nature of self-portraits and why humans are so intrigued with their own image. What has it brought us in the past, what is it bringing us now and what can we expect in the future?

I recently met up with my friend, Itamar Gilboa, an artist living in Amsterdam. Itamar invited me to talk about his new conceptual art project called “Body of Work” in which he will exhibit his inner body parts to an audience as a new form of self-portrait. Now I’m talking liver, stomach and brains next to his muscles, bones and skull. A remarkable project for which he’s flown half way around the world scanning every millimetre of his body using the latest EMRI technology. The scans are then converted to 3d models which are then printed in various sorts of materials for his exhibition.

After he showed me the images of his MRI scan and 3d test prints, I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility of people portraying their inner body parts as a future trend. I can imagine, that pretty soon we’ll be able to make selfies of our inner bodies. The question is: “Will we then start uploading these to Social Media?

This led me to the idea to make a documentary in which we follow Itamar in his process of expanding his art project and at the same time dive deeper into the subject of the self-portraiture and selfies culture. Why are we so obsessed with our own image? I want to explore this subject from different angles, different point of views. A psychologic, philosophic, scientific and spiritual viewpoint on self-image sharing. Also, which rol has technology played throughout history? From the invention of the mirror to the rise of digital photography, and now inner body portraiture. Technology has been assisting in our self-exploration and has been serving us new ways to explore our self-image. But will technology ever give us the answer to our endless pursuit of self definition?


Inner#selfie is an initiative of foundation MAN IN A BOX. The foundations goal is to show new perspectives and insights on human behaviour and the human psyche. Eventually contributing to the awareness of normalised behaviours and self knowledge. At the moment we’re looking for a producer that’s just excited as we are to make this film. Also still seeking financing and subsidies to jump start the production. In the meantime we’ve been filming bits of Itamar’s process, so that we don’t miss any important developments.

Watch the teaser we made from footage we’ve so far. The teaser sets the mood and style for what we have in mind for Inner#selfie,