I am Gabriel Bauer, a director and editor living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My love of film making and a good story have nurtured in me the desire to both entertain and inspire others.

“I’ve heard many times that with all good artists it’s ultimately a self-portrait even if it’s an abstraction. I feel my work is very much who I am. I didn’t try to make it that way; it just is. It reflects who I am and also my interests.”

– Joyce Tenneson

After graduating from the Utrecht School of Arts with a Master’s Degree in Video and Television, I co-founded Whisper Media, a production company dedicated to directing and editing commercials, short films and corporate documentaries, as well as seeking out innovative ways for clients to engage their audience. A few years later I co-founded the all-round service multimedia production company, Xolo Media, which also served as an advertising agency focusing mainly on user-generated online media and viral content marketing. Using this position on the frontier of online media distribution allowed me to experiment with online television formats, user-generated media concepts and viral commercials. Now as a freelance director and editor, I enjoy working on film productions of all kinds that I can sink my heart into. My passion for storytelling and inspiring an audience plays a leading role and I notice that most projects I do now are driven mainly by my passion to create meaningful content. Stories that start discussion, that shed new light on certain topics and stories that give us a better understanding who we are as a human species.

My short film BISCUITS (2011) premiered at the Dutch Film Festival and in 2012. FLIRT was finalist in the Green Film Making Competition, shortlisted best comedy at the Smalls Festival and won best film of the month at the ShortCutz Film Festival. DRAG JUNKY (2013) also won best film of the month at the ShortCutz.



2020: Inner#Selfie, Documentary Series – Director (in development)
2020: Conservation Rental, Invitation Film – Director/ Editor
2018: “Wild” A Portrait of Treze – Director/ Editor
2016: Except Integrated Sustainability – 12min Documentary – Director/ Editor/ Producer
2015: Gunz For Hire “No Mercy” – Director/ Editor
2014: Reputation Men – Director/ Editor
2014: Home Sweet Home, 8 Episodes Drama Webseries – Director/ Editor
2013: Drag Junky, korte film 6 min. – Director/ Editor
2012: Flirt, korte film 7 min. – Director/ Editor
2012: Ik Wil Je, speelfilm 52 min. – Editor
2011: Biscuits, korte film 4 min. – Director/ Editor
2009: Grlz & Boyz, crossmediale pilot drama serie KRO– Director
1999: Losing Face, korte film 28 min – Producer, Writer, Director

TV Commercials

2016: Albert Heijn “Lente Dagen” – Co-Director
2016: Heineken “Straat Interviews” – Co-Director
2015: Cinekid Festival 2015 – Director/ Editor
2015: Albert Heijn “Restaurants met Korting” – Director/ Editor
2014: Onefit, TV commercial – Director
2009: MTV Extreem, TV Commercial – Director

Branded Content

2020: s’Heerenloo drieluik films – Director/ Editor (in development)
2020: Waternet “De Blauwe Golf” – Director/ Editor
2019: VoorbijFT Brandfilm – Director/ Editor
2019: Mobilis Brandfilm – Director/ Editor
2019: Q-music “Ik rij voor NL” campagne – Director/ Editor
2019: Zijn jullie er al uit? “Het Diner” – Director
2018: E.ON “Geef Warmte” – Director/ Editor
2018: Postcode Loterij – Co-Director
2017: Tripbids online commercial – Director/Producer/writer/editor
2017: FNV Horeca “Gastvrij Protest in de Horeca” – Director
2017: T-Mobile thuis – Director
2016: Q-music/ McDonalds Onbijtbrigade – Director
2016: Persgroep Viral – Director/ Editor
2016: Fantasy Island Festival Promo – Director/ Editor
2015: Hoom – Director/ Editor
2014: Oxfam Novib – – Director/ Editor
2014: Ben & Jerry’s Greekshow – Director
2013: AH Allerhande Kids, kook programma – Director/ Editor
2012: Passion of Driek, African Tourism, Viral Commercial– Director
2008: Clini Clowns, Online TV Show – Script & Director
2007: Safe & White, Viral Commercial UK – Concept & Director
2006: Telfort “Bonte Bodes”, Viral Commercial – Director & Editor

Music Video

2013: Welkom Thuis, Music Video Axel Lukkien – Director/ Editor
2011: Daydreamer, Dotan – Co-Director/ Editor
2011: Ik zou niet weten hoe, Music Video Jennifer Cooke – Director/Producer
2012: Anything, Gianna Tam, Music Video – Director/ Editor
2010: Ik mis je, Music Video Axel Lukkien – Director
2010: Till tonight, Music Video Laidback Luke – Director


2020: Lekker Boats & Bikes, Manifest Film – Producer/ Director/ Editor
2020: Pepe Jeans, Values film – Editor
2019: Rivella, Manifest Film – Producer/ Director/ Editor
2019: New Dutch Masters, pilot films ING Bank – Co Director
2019: Nike, consumer mindset film – Editor
2018: Global Medtech Compliance Forum Film 2018 – Director/ Editor
2018: Tommy Hilfiger “Speed360 Honesty”, Corporate Documentary – Director
2017: MyBusinessMedia Manifest Film
2017: Global Medtech Compliance Forum Film 2017 – Director/ Editor
2016: Global Medtech Forum introduction film – Producer/ Director/ Editor
2016: Rabobank, Interactive Film – Director/ Editor/ Co Producer
2013: Intratuin Thema Journaal – Director/ Editor
2012: Heineken Lunch&Learn, Teaser film Global Marketing – Director
2012: Heineken, Corporate Mood Film – Director/ Editor
2012: Schiphol Airport, Instruction Video – Director/ Editor
2011: Schiphol “See You Tomorrow”, Branding Film Schiphol – Director
2008: TNT “Jack Monroe”, Film Trailer-infomercial – Director & Editor
2003: Adidas “Impossible is Nothing”, Mood video – Creative Editor