Gabriel Blog


July 11th, 2011

Biscuits is a short comedy film by Gabriel Bauer about a man trying to enjoy
his early morning coffee with biscuits, but gets interrupted
by a hot shot business man who keeps on stealing his biscuits.
He takes on the challenge to a duel of honour by who can eat
the most biscuits.

MotionFame Music Videos

November 8th, 2010

Finally we finished the music videos for
It’s basically a website where music producers of dance music can go shop for a music video that fits their song. I directed 4 video’s that are now up for sail on the website so go check it out. It was especially very cool to work with my two friends Chewing and Remco who are kung fu experts! I made my student film with them as well so it was kinda like a reunion! ;-)

Here are some stills.



All is good today

September 26th, 2010


Here’s the making of a Music Video I shot in Barcelona for LaidBack Luuke. It was a very intense 2 days of hard work, but the crew was great. They worked the last day from 6am till 1am next day!! amazing!
I’m not satisfied with the final version the client chose for so I’ll be making a directors cut. Soon only to be seen on my showreel, yah!

Song of the Day

July 2nd, 2010

Don’t know whether it’s my radio alarm clock or just the mood I’m am that I can subconsciously carry a tune in my head for an entire day. Several times already I find myself singing a song from the Dutch band Blof. Last week I worked for them again filming mood videos of a Music Festival called “Concert at Sea” which they organize each year. It’s always nice hanging out with such talented people :) I just love it when they take out there guitars and just start jamming…so nice.
Anyway here’s the song that I was talking about. It’s called “Dansen aan Zee” (dansing by the sea). This is the Duet version with Portugese Fado singer Cristina Branco… absolutely brilliant.

The Hutchison Effect

June 5th, 2010

Very Good

April 29th, 2010

uh… I wanna go home now.

February 19th, 2010

Hey viewers of my extremely successful blog! Just wanted to thank you guys for all the fan mail and love you’ve been giving me for over the past 2 years. :-P
I thought it would be cool to do things in an old fashion sort of way and type a message instead of all that rich media kasssschmoof. First of all, I just wanted to say I totally had it with Dating Sites! After the breakup with In-Ah I thought it would be cool to sign up to a few dating sites and I must say from moment “numero uno” it has been a disaster! I had a few dates, but the problem is that everybody picks the uber best of the best if not extremely photoshopped picture and uploads it to their dating profile. This results is the most shocking first date moments when you think to yourself… “you nasty cheat!” Although at the same time I have taken at least 30 pictures from 30 different angles of my own face in order to achieve a “worthy photo” for my dating profile, so ironic isn’t it? … the angle from the top works brilliant for me btw. :-)
Anyway, after half a year I didn’t pay much attention to these sites, but up till this day I’m being spammed like crazy with all these new “perfect matches” they’ve found for me! Very nice guys but no thanks! I try to cancel my accounts, but it’s not possible. Bastards! So someone please help me get rid of these “perfect match” spam messages! aargh! All those dozens of photoshopped soul mates haunting my inbox!
So for a long time I hung out in bars and clubs instead of trying my luck with the shock dates. Doing alot of drinking, going out till 6am in the weekends …week after week…same old thang. The amount of energy I had was crazy! I just kept on going like one of those Duracil Bunnies! I was so restless.

But now I think I’ve had enough. After almost 2 years of non stop partying I’m finally pooped. The veil has fallen and the old Gabriel is visible again. Well, not exactly the old Gabriel, because this one appears to be way more confident and a little more odd. Am happy!… happy to be me. Happy to wake up every morning and sing my way rolling to the shower and prepare myself for the new challenges and gifts of the day. Cause all those obstacles we encounter all the time, all those problems that most of us experience as negative events, we should see as challenges. The challenges and trials in life that are there to help us grow as human beings. If every day would only be about having fun and feeling happy … how would we be able to grow? This simple thought has made my life a hell lot easier I can tell ya that ;-)
oops gotta go, till next time! hugx Gabriel.

Bad Chewbacca!

February 16th, 2010

Ah so funny! just had to put this picture on to my blog. Never seen this one before, but I guess it was taken on the set during the making of Empire Strike Back and held behind locked doors for 30 years! The expression on Chewbacca’s face is hilarious!! haha!


Our Universe

February 4th, 2010

Look how beautiful this is. Got this from a Nasa Photo.

Our Universe
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