Inner-Selfie is a documentary that redefines the definition of self-portraiture and tells the story about how technology and self-image-sharing are both linked to our search for identity and self-knowledge.  An artist aims to push the boundaries of self-portraiture using advanced technologies. A filmmaker feels inspired and decides to create his own self-portrait through the process of making the documentary Inner#Selfie.

The general concept of a self-portrait is a representation of an artist that is drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted. It is a portrait of an artist created by that artist.  And it’s also not necessarily about creating a realistic image, but instead it’s an exercise in self-exploration.

After diving more into this topic and into the work of conceptual artist Itamar Gilboa, I started to realise that self-portraiture doesn’t have to be a representation in image form specifically. It can also be an installation, a movie or an overall experience you can get from an art exhibition. Even someones photo album or Instagram account can sometimes be seen as a form of self-portraiture. 

Essentially, a self-portrait is based on the idea or wish to freeze, to maintain or to document a fluctuating but significant slice of life. Though the important question to ask here is: What is the purpose of self-depiction? What exactly is the individual’s idea behind portraying oneself at that moment in time?

By delving into the nature of self-portraiture and the dependence on “self-image sharing,” we discover its connected to our search for self-definition, and linked to discovering a sense of who we are, deep down – our identity. To put it in other words, our self-portrait is used as a means to define and understand who we are.

Inner#Selfie explores the broadness of self-portraiture and how this relates to our self-exploration and self-definition. The different ways people explore who they are shows the immense diversity of human characteristics. You start to wonder if the motivation of a person posting a selfie could be the same as that of a neuro scientist researching human brain activity.

During the process of making the documentary I am confronted with my own motivations to why I’m making this film. Therefor I’ve decided to use this film in order to create my own self-portrait through the process of directing the film.


At the moment we’re looking for funding and for people who would like to collaborate with us in getting this film off the ground. In the meantime we are filming bits and pieces. Watch the teaser I made a while back. The teaser sets the mood and style for what we have in mind for Inner#selfie – a new teaser is already in the making,